Want to Help?

Kuaotunu Bird Rescue depends entirely upon donations of money, time and supplies in order to care for the hundreds of birds it receives each year.

This wishlist explains what is most useful to us. Our needs tend to change with the seasons, so feel free to check with us first to ask what is most needed.

Financial Donations

We never turn down donations of food and other supplies, but the majority of our work involves paying for things such as:

  • Vet bills
  • Laboratory costs
  • Specialised diets
  • And much more.

So by donating money you can help us to keep the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust running.

Account name:      Kuaotunu Bird Rescue
Account number:  06-0457-0736392-31

The Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust is a registered charity, CC57087.

Volunteer Courier Driving

Because we cover most of the Coromandel Peninsula, some rescuers do not always have transport or the time to get the birds to us.

If you would love to be a volunteer courier driver then contact us and let us know what areas you can cover. 

Food Supplies

Some birds like the Kereru eat a variety of fresh food.

It's best to find out what we need, so please contact us if you have fresh food that you'd like to donate.

Items like:

  • Tinned cat food
  • Sardines in oil
  • Pam's Frozen mixed vegetables

are always handy for us to have in stock.

Typical mixture of food for Kereru

Typical mixture of food for Kereru
Freshly caught bait fish

Freshly caught bait fish

Not surprisingly we go through a lot of fish, but most of it is ordered online from a company that supplies zoos.

However some freshly caught small bait fish is never turned away.

Non-Perishable Supplies

Useful items that are always good for us to have on hand include:

  • Rubbish bags
  • Newspapers
  • Washing powder
  • Handy towels

Insects and Mice

Many birds like to eat fresh insects such as kingfishers and moreporks.

Mice and rats are always popular too, but must come from a poison-free property.

If you regularly trap mice, please consider freezing your catch and bringing us a bagful every now and then.

Making Fish Slurry

Fish slurry is what we make for sick and injured seabirds who are too weak to eat and cannot process whole fish yet.

First fish (mostly salmon) goes into a burley grinder.

The ground fish then goes through a food processor several times, and then through a sieve. 

To this mixture some or all of the following is added:

  • Sardines 
    Hills A/D convalescent diet 
  • Electrolytes
  • seabird vitamins. 

The final result is a liquid that can be syringed through a crop tube. 

We then freeze this liquid so that we have it on hand when needed. 

It stinks and makes a terrible mess, but somebody has to do it!


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