For example: Kuaotunu Bird Rescue is closed until xxxx. Please contact Whitianga Vets if you find an injured bird.

P: 07 869 5695 / 027 600 6959

Want to help?

Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust depends entirely upon donations of money, time and supplies in order to care for the hundreds of birds it receives each year.

The most valuable way that you can support us is by becoming a regular donor. By donating regularly, even a small amount, the Trust can plan for the future and ensure that it has the money it needs to cover its regular ongoing expenses.

It costs Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust approximately $12,000 per year to pay for the food, medicines, vet bills, supplies (e.g. disposable gloves), and the heating and housing required by our feathered patients. And those are just the main expenses that need to be covered - there are others!

Donations by bank transfer

You can also make a one-off donation or set up an automatic payment (AP) directly into our bank account.

When donating by bank transfer, please include the details below and email us so that we can say thank you and send you a receipt.

Account name: Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust
Account number: 06-0457-0736392-31
Particulars: Surname, First name
Code: Your contact phone number
Reference: ‘One-off’ (for a one-off donation) or ‘AP_frequency of donation’ (for a recurring donation) e.g. ‘AP_weekly,’ ‘AP_monthly’

If you make a one-off donation, we will send you a receipt within 30 days. If you set up a regular donation, we will send you one receipt at the end of the financial year (31 March).

Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust is a registered charity, registration no. CC57087, IRD # 130-811-833. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Donating food and non-perishable supplies

Fresh Food

Feeding and caring for hundreds of birds a year means that we need to have a wide range of food on hand to cater for the different diets of our feathered patients.

Our needs tend to change with the seasons, so it's best to find out what we need before making a donation of fresh food in particular. Please contact us if you have fresh food that you'd like to donate.

Typical mixture of food for Kereru

Typical mixture of food for Kereru


Not surprisingly we go through a lot of fish, but most of it is ordered online from a company that supplies zoos. However some freshly caught small bait fish is never turned away.


Insects and Mice

Many birds such as kingfishers and moreporks like to eat fresh insects.

Mice and rats are always popular too, but these must come from a poison-free property. If you regularly trap mice, please consider freezing your catch and bringing us a bagful every now and then.

Other Food

Items like:

  • Tinned cat food
  • Sardines in oil
  • Pam's Frozen mixed vegetables

are always handy for us to have in stock.

Non-Perishable Supplies

Useful items that are always good for us to have on hand include:

  • Rubbish bags
  • Newspapers
  • Washing powder
  • Handy towels

Need advice?

Whether you've found a sick or injured bird and would like to know what to do next, or have found a baby bird and are wondering whether or not it needs rescuing, our Advice page contains useful articles on how to handle, care for and conserve wild birds.


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