In early December a baby kereru (native NZ wood pigeon) that had fallen from its nest was delivered to Kuaotunu Bird Rescue.  This is not the first time we have had Kereru babies, but we've never had one as small as this. We nicknamed him Kenny.I made a call to Project ...
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Kuaotunu Bird Rescue is quieter in winter time but we still take in birds on a regular basis. In winter we see road accidents and window strikes and so on, where in summer you deal with young birds fledging and the problems that arise from that. Also in summer the popul...
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A Kereru chick with “splayed leg syndrome”. A nest with two kereru chicks had become dislodged during a storm in Whitianga. One nestling had died and the surviving one was brought to Kuaotunu Bird Rescue. Feeding 4x daily with a special rearing mix (formulated with quali...
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