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Flying Penguin

An injured little blue penguin in a cage

This very, very, very little blue penguin is juvenile and quite feisty! It was found washed up just south of Whangamata, severely underweight, with a torn eyelid on the right side. Corovets gave us a call and after some travel arrangements it arrived at KBRT.

The eye continued to a problem and was checked again by local specialists Brett Howes (optometrist), and Dave Thurgood (vet). A veterinary eye specialist Craig Irving was contacted regarding a treatment plan and he even gave us some specific eye drops for free. However we didn't think the sight in that eye could be fully restored which meant that a release back into the wild wasn't looking possible.

After trying several alternative options we contacted the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch and they were willing to assist.

Lots of emails to and fro and much preparation was required to put this penguin on an Air NZ flight. JetPets assisted us with a transport box and delivered the tiny penguin to the airport. 

A staff member from the Centre contacted us after arrival and our penguin was put into quarantine and was waiting for a veterinary check up by one of the Centre's vets.

So far so good!  Watch the Newshub video of the little blue penguin in his new home.

Lea Reeves, Penguin Keeper at the International Antartic Centre, holding the little blue penguin sent by the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust


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