Kenny the Kereru

February 12, 2020
In early December a baby kereru (native NZ wood pigeon) that had fallen from its nest was delivered to Kuaotunu Bird Rescue.  This is not the first time we have had Kereru babies, but we've never had one as small as this. We nicknamed him Kenny.I made a call to Project ...
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Kuaotunu Bird Rescue is asking the public’s help in order to save the lives of sick or distressed little blue penguins who are turning up along the Coromandel shoreline. Annemieke Kregting from the rescue centre says birds are starting to arrive at the centre as juveniles ...
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Critical Care Incubator

September 18, 2019
We are delighted to have received a grant to help us buy this beautiful much needed Incubator. It was on our wish list for a while. It is crucial to have temperature and humidity control for some of the critical and young birds. Our first patient to use it, a White Face...
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Australasian Gannet

August 9, 2019
This beautiful Australasian Gannet was found on the beach in Colville and came to us via my trusted driver from Coromandel, Neville Cameron.It is quite difficult to examine large birds on your own, so a trip to Peninsula Vets was best to find out why it wasn't flying, with t...
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June 3, 2019
The Australasian Bittern is a NZ endangered species. There are believed to be fewer than 900 left in the country. This very shy wading bird lives in swamps and wetlands and eats small fish, frogs and insects. Not much is known about this magnificent big bird as they are hard...
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The Parapara tree or Pisonia brunoniana is a New Zealand native and a member of the Bougainvillea family.  It is an island dweller mainly, found on places like the Three Kings and the Hen and Chicken Islands, but can also be found in a few coastal places in th...
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Meet Oscar (named by Vet Kirsty-Anne Holtzhausen) I got a call that an oystercatcher was injured after it was hit by a car. I asked the caller to drop it at the vets and said that I would call in there soon to see what could be done.X-rays needed to be taken to asses the dam...
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Kuaotunu Bird Rescue is quieter in winter time but we still take in birds on a regular basis. In winter we see road accidents and window strikes and so on, where in summer you deal with young birds fledging and the problems that arise from that. Also in summer the popul...
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A Kereru chick with “splayed leg syndrome”. A nest with two kereru chicks had become dislodged during a storm in Whitianga. One nestling had died and the surviving one was brought to Kuaotunu Bird Rescue. Feeding 4x daily with a special rearing mix (formulated with quali...
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