Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust

Photo: Seascape Photographic Adventures

Caring for wild birds on the Coromandel Peninsula

The Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust is a long-established bird rescue operation based in Kuaotunu on the Coromandel Peninsula.

We care for a wide range of sick and injured wild birds that members of the public from all over the peninsula bring in for assistance.

To ensure that the care that we provide is of the highest quality, we are a member of WReNNZ, the Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand, and work closely with the Department of Conservation and the Project Kiwi Trust, among others. 

We simply couldn't exist without the support of Whitianga Vets. They have an invaluable range of diagnostic tools and equipment that allows us to find out what can be done for the birds we bring in.

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